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Purchase familit products

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How to buy familit products

This page explains how to order our software products. You will get a product key by email when your order is completed. We do not send any media like CD or printed manual. You should download software first to register the product key you have purchased.

You can purchase from your local distributor or order online.

When you are ordering online, you must go through following 3 steps:

Step 1: Select Product
In the first step of online order, all products will be listed. From the list, select a version type and number of users.
Step 2: Process Payment
In this step, you will process the payment on PayPal. All your registration information including credit card information is securely processed. Purchase orders are also available.
Step 3: Get Product Key
The product key will be sent to you by email when your payment is received.


To obtain a Product Key you have to buy familit product:

PRODUCT Price Notes
 familyManager Light 59 $  library's limit 5000 files
 familyManager Full 99 $   
 dbManager 499 $   
 UPGRADE ver.2011=>2012 15%  
 UPGRADE ver.2010=>2011 20%  
 UPGRADE ver.<2011=>2012 25%  
Order by mail

Order from Reseller

You can purchase from your local distributor.

512 W Colgate Dr
Tempe, AZ 85283
Telephone: 480-584-0619

What is activation code?

Activate familyManager
Activation code is required for manual registration. To obtain your activation code you need two information your computer hardware identification code and the Product Key (serial key which you buy). With these two info goto Activate product to obtain your activation code.

The new product the familit dbManager for Revit - database manager exports element's attached parameters to database table. The exported elements are linked from external database into the revit project. The dbManager supports many database engines: oracle, MySql, MsSql, SQL Express, Access, XML. it is better then RDB Link. You can modify paramater's values in the database table and data will be writted into revit project's elements /rooms, floors, roofs, walls, families,... etc./. dbManager includes many helpful functions to work with revit projects. /export, import, calculator, selector/ You can create table includes elements from several revit projects - more rvt files in the sole table... => dbManager for Revit is the ideal product for the facility management, resource management, statistical analyses, reports etc.